About us

The DUO-CNC Ltd. was founded in 2000 -be. The company is located in Dombóvár, Republic 10.szám below. The DUO Ltd. CNC machining mainly metallic, plastic mold manufacturing, machining deal but also experienced.
Our company is ISO 9001: 2001 and operates according to the EN ISO 14001.2005 Environmental adequate standard Quality Management System.


Hungary national coverage and operate in our production abroad is significant.
We attach great importance to quality, accurate professional work of our machines CNC’s largest percizzítást, we can take orders requiring too successful. In addition to the metal processing we undertake assembly work orders to fulfillment.
The DUO-CNC Ltd, well-trained staff of all the members have been working for many years in the field of metallurgy.
Our company’s engineering, technical facilities, its activities a high level of quality assets is satisfactory.

Currently we have the following fleet:

  • 1 db DMG MORI NLX 1500/500 típusú CNC UNIVERZÁLIS esztergagép Y tengellyel
  • 1 db YCN NMV-106A típusú CNC megmunkáló központ(1000×500) 4 tengelyesí
  • 1 YCN NMV-106A CNC machining center (1000 × 500) 4-axle
  • 1 YCN Mv106A CNC machining center (1000 × 500) 4-axle
  • 1 YCN Mv66A CNC machining center (600 × 400) 4-axle
  • 1 FEMCO HL-25 CNC lathe
  • SL CNC lathe 1 320-600-counterspindle, rotary tool, c-axis
  • CNC lathe 240-500 SLT 2-C-axis rotary tool
  • 1 SLT 320 HS CNC lathe
  • 1 CNC lathe TNL-100
  • 1 Takisawa 200 lathe
  • 2 saw Bomar STG GA
  • Server machines: lathe and cutting machines

Personal total number of 15 people
Web: www.duocnc.hu

Drummer Dennis Managing Yours