Component production

The main profile of the component manufacturing Duo-Cnc Kft. A decade and a half of history for our company, one thing has never changed. To this day, we are professional and high-quality products present in the component manufacturing. Today also represent all the values ​​which place our customers complete satisfaction between moving parts manufacturin. We fought a very diverse and broad framework. The products we produce can be applied in the following areas:

  • Auto parts manufacturing
  • Railway machine parts products
  • Construction-building products
  • Various electronic, pneumatic, hydraulic connectors and connecting products
  • Other machine parts products

In the course of the series production parts manufacturing basic requirement without any loss in quality. Our machinery is constantly improving so that we can guarantee to the highest standards of quality products within a short period of time. Our technicians are constantly expanding our technical knowledge, according to the giant stride forwards modernization careful attention and provide appropriate technology in the production of parts for our customers in professional quality. We know that in this field every thousandth of a millimeter counts.